“The real mechanism for corporate governance is the active involvement of the owners”.

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

Well-governed businesses, whether large or small, are those that generate value in a sustainable manner by correctly aligning the interests of the owners, their family, management, workers, stakeholders and the environment. This requires adequate structures and practices that interacting counterparties regard as valuable.

We advise in the assessment, implementation and monitoring of high standard corporate and investment governance practices. We aim to ensure synchrony between the businesses strategic objectives, facilitate and improve regulatory compliance, assist in the correct identification of risks to anticipate contingencies and to support the fiduciary duties of investors and the scrutiny of asset managers.

Amongst the several specific tasks we undertake, we highlight the following:

  • Corporate Governance Due Diligence and Auditing of Issuers and Asset Managers.
  • Advisory to Asset Owners and Asset Managers Fiduciary Functions.
  • Investment Governance.
  • Design and Assessment of Corporate Governance Structures and Performance.
  • Corporate Governance for Non-Profit and Other Entities.
  • Sustainable Governance Models and ESG.
  • Advisory to Family Businesses on Governance, Succession and Professionalization.
  • Engagement Strategies and Plans.