“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”

Winston Churchill.

Disagreements are part of the nature of every business and of the relationships amongst individuals. Frequently, however, they escalate to conflicts. Our practice advises both businesses and individuals in providing a rational course to resolve the conflict, along with a frame with certain limits to enable its resolution without judicial confrontation. Our goal is to avoid the destruction of value and the high personal costs that most conflicts cause, which the parties often dramatically underestimate.

Our proprietary methodology combines quantitative, factual, normative, judicial and strategic variables to estimate likely outcomes and to guide the agreement process and, if necessary, to reduce the factors subject to litigation to the minimum.

We advise to solve complex family, corporate, financial, commercial, environmental and regulatory disputes.

In this area, our advisory work includes, amongst other, the following:

  • Representation and Advice on Strategic Disputes.
  • Family Conflicts.
  • Asset Management and Fiduciary Duties Disputes.
  • Risk Analysis and Conflict Strategies.
  • Valuation of Economic Losses and Damages.
  • Liability and Infringement Costs Assessment.
  • Expert Neutral Advice on Litigations and Arbitration.